Interior Painting

Interior Painting

West Coatings is an experienced painting partner, equipped to execute any interior painting project of all complexities. You can rely on our intimate familiarity with the needs of working on complex painting projects. We offer solutions designed for your property's specific environmental needs.

Interior Painting
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Painting Substrates

With a team of skilled painters experienced in handling a variety of exterior surfaces, from residential to commercial buildings, at West Coatings we produce high-quality finishes that not only enhance the curb appeal but also protect your structure from the elements. Using high-quality paints and advanced application techniques, we deliver long-lasting and weather-resistant results that stand up to the test of time. Customer satisfaction is paramount for us, and our dedication to providing exceptional service and transformative exterior painting solutions sets us apart as a reliable and trusted choice for any exterior painting project.

Drywall Painting, Texturing & Repairs

Drywall painting requires an inspection to the existing condition to ensure the necessary steps are taken prior to painting to minimize variation of the painted surfaces. We offer a drywall inspection prior to providing our estimate to ensure we are paying close attention to the condition of the existing surface, textures and joints to provide a solution that will bring the substrate back to a like-new finish. The painting assemblies we use are recommended by our painting manufactures, including primer, mid-coat and top-coat finishes.

MDF & Composites

Inspecting the existing condition of the mdf and composite trim work on your property is important to ensuring a quality repaint. Cracks appear most commonly at the joint locations and can also be caused by the improper joint materials from previous renovations or new construction. Our team will seek to identify the different kinds of cracks and their cause. We repair all cracking in prior to painting to ensure even finishes.

Masonry Repairs & Painting

Painting Masonry, Brick, CMU, Stone or Cementous substrates requires varied product assemblies and inspection standards to ensure the proper repairs are performed prior to applying the coatings systems. Due to the porous nature of this substrate the mil thickness and number of applications will vary based on the substrate. We perform mil thickness tests to ensure we have an appropriate build of product for all masonry applications.

Wood Painting & Staining

The process behind painting wood substrates can vary based on the type of wood surface and it's previous application. All previously stained wood will need appropriate sanding and preparation prior to applying the new products. We are experts with stain refinishing and painting of all wood types including T1-11, Cedar, Pine, Alder, Mahogany, Cypress, Ash, Redwood, Fir, Spruces, Douglas Fir, HDF, Oak and Exotic wood variations.

Aluminum, Steel & Metal Painting

When painting metal substrates the existing condition of metal is very important to inspect closely prior to ensuring the correct steps of repairs and application, while a color change might be your only intention protecting metal is a primary reason for a coating application over your metal surfaces. We take the necessary steps and pay close attention to all metal substrates to provide painting and coatings solutions that will properly protect your metal for years to come.

Vinyl & PVC Painting

Painting plastic based products can be tricky, due to the nature of the substrate very specific products and color selections must be installed to ensure the longevity of the coating. We will only recommend vinyl-safe products for plastic substrates and pay close attention to the primers used to ensure we can stand behind our product.

Interior Surface Repairs & Patching

Repairs are essential for maintaining the overall condition of the substrate and creating a strong foundation for subsequent painting or coating applications. We offer a range of selective repairs and replacement designed for your property to ensure a seamless paint job. We include itemized repair options for paint jobs we feel need additional work prior to painting.

Interior Painting Standards

We specialize in interior painting projects for your multi-family apartment complex, HOA, commercial property, high-rise & industrial facilitate. Our company provides a product that will improve the aesthetic of your architectural features and provide protection against the elements. How we operate is something we have put our efforts towards to develop processes and operating procedures that you can count on.

1. Product selections designed for your property

Understanding the substrates and conditions of these substrates is the first step in bidding out the project for you. Our team is educated in the area of exterior painting systems, how to apply them and the correct specifications needed for each application. The West Coatings team works closely with product manufacturers to educate our team on the best product assemblies that correspond to the substates we apply them to.

2. Product & design documentation

West Coatings maintains documentation on all paint projects - we store your product and color information on file and ensure the site staff has the correct product selections and colors available to them to ensure they are able to perform any necessary future touchups. This allows us to ensure warranties, support your site team and reduce further repainting by working with the site team regarding best practice around future paint touch-ups.

3. Surface Preparation Standards

Prior to starting the application process, one of the most important steps is the preparation performed prior to painting. Every paint job we perform includes appropriate substrate cleaning and a series of steps for each substrate type to ensure the surface is prepared for the best adhesion possible. A paint job is only as good as the preparation.

4. Warranty Assurance

Our work is backed by our industry leading workmanship warranty and installed to manufacturer specifications to ensure your product warranties are intact. Determining the correct products for your local environment and coordinating the color design is what our team does best.

5. Color Design & Location Mapping

Each project we take on our team is here to assist with color design and location mapping, we offer an industry leading service of color design. Whether you are painting one of your properties or many within your portfolio our visualization software and approach provides your project stakeholders with a visual guide of appearance prior to starting work.

6. On-Site Color Mapping

Once colors are selected is important to us that we confirm the color scheme on site. We offer on-site mockups for all exterior painting projects that will ensure you are painting your property with the correct colors before our work begins.

7. Project Planning to Minimize Tenant & Staff Impact

It is extremely important to our company that your tenants and staff aren't impacted by our work, the Apex process is designed to offer a high-level of detail and coordination to ensure your tenants are impressed by our team's ability to work in complex environments and take the extra steps necessary to protect all areas of your property, including those that aren't being painted.


How often should you paint the exterior of a commercial building?

The frequency of painting the exterior of a commercial building depends on various factors, including the type of paint used, climate conditions, and the quality of the previous paint job. On average, commercial buildings may require repainting every 5 to 10 years.

How much does exterior painting add value?

Exterior painting can significantly increase the curb appeal and overall value of a property. While the exact amount varies depending on the property's location, condition, and other factors, a well-executed exterior paint job can yield a return on investment ranging from 50% to 100% or more.

How long does it take to get an exterior painting quote?

We respond to inquiries within three business days, and aim to provide a detailed quote within a few days to a week after conducting a site visit and assessing the project requirements.

Is it necessary to pressure wash a building before painting?

Yes, pressure washing is generally necessary before painting to remove dirt, grime, mold, loose paint, and other contaminants. It ensures a clean and smooth surface, promoting better paint adhesion and enhancing the longevity of the new paint job.

What time of year is best for exterior painting?

While it can depend on the region, spring, summer, and early fall are typically considered the best times for exterior painting, as the weather is usually mild and conducive to paint application and drying. It is essential to avoid extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold) and rainy or humid conditions, as they can negatively affect the paint's performance and drying process.

Our Company Process

West Coatings has standardized our processes with a unique value-chain designed to improve efficiencies, produce a quality product and service our clients in a similar manner on all projects. From conceptual to warranty assurance we provide a level of detail to your project to ensure your project needs are met.

Project Profile

Every project starts with our formal project profile review, we seek to understand the intentions of your project closely and determine the site/existing conditions that will impact your project and budget needs. We organize the project details closely with our accounts and estimating team to provide project recommendations and a scope of work that aligns with your goals.

Project Request & Existing Conditions

West Coatings will request the initial intentions of your project prior to performing an inspection. We review the request and create an initial profile for our estimating team to reference. Once we've reviewed your property details we create an inspection map and perform a site inspection. Our team organizes a detailed inspection report to inform our estimating process.

Through this process we seek to understand the existing conditions that will impact the project to have a complete scope of work defined that our estimating team will build from and ultimately operations team will utilize to perform the scope of work.

Determining the Scope of Work

Our team will work closely with your project stakeholders to define the scope of work and utilize techniques to drive down costs without sacrificing the quality of your project. We organize the project details and analyze the existing conditions of your project closely to ensure we have a complete and defined scope of work.

We leverage supplier and manufacturer relationships to align their products and our volume purchasing abilities to install systems that are designed for your project, to provide the ideal option for your project.


We provide detailed estimates. Our pricing model considers factors like market-rate pricing and assembly costs that are competitive. All of our estimates utilize the same pricing structure and cost markup to ensure we can maintain the best prices for the various installations we provide. Ultimately we seek to provide the winning price, and it is important to use to maintain consistent pricing that our clients can count on.

Budget Considerations

West Coatings understands the need for project budgets with commercial properties, we seek to understand these intentions once we have reviewed the project profile and start working on providing a scope of work.

When considering the main project constraints we look closely at how we can extend value back to our clients by providing a scope that aligns closely with project budget constraints.

A Transparent Pricing Model

We prioritize our ownerships intentions and need to understand the project details closely, many projects require an ownership and management team to be involved in the decision making process. Our pricing model is understood through itemizing our bids in a transparent model that is accompanied with a detailed scope of work to reference to provide the project stakeholders with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Product Assemblies

Not all products are the same, nor all contractors. We have aligned ourselves and negotiated the best costs on the products we can stand behind. Our team regularly educates ourselves on the best assemblies and products and work closely with our supplier and manufacturers to ensure the products we use are recommended for the applications we are installing and ultimately standing behind through our warranties.

Industry Leading Products

We are only as good as the products we are utilizing and the way we install these materials. Our company only works with reputable product manufacturers and regularly review our material costs to leverage the best pricing we can to extend these savings back to our clients.

Understanding the product assemblies, variations and installation techniques is important to our company. In our industry we've sought to minimize the variation of product installation and we purchase the materials that we specify in our estimates to ensure the correct products are installed.

Installation Practices

Our teams follow surface preparation standards directly from our product manufacturers to ensure the integrity of our products, we prioritize the details of every product and layer we install to ensure product integrity. When performing a project we spend the necessary time with our installation teams and review the assembly instructions prior to starting work on every project.

Warranty Assurance

West Coatings stands behind our installations, we work with our manufacturer reps to ensure product integrity that can be warrantied. Our installations include a one-source warranty and workmanship warranty to provide the assurance to our clients that their work is guaranteed from product defects or workmanship errors.

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Project Design

Our in-house design team can assist with providing color, product and location design services to ensure you have the correct selections prior to starting your project. The West Coatings model has an integrated approach to design and project planning where the design process is closely planned considering the project requirements

Color Design

The West Coatings design team specializes in selecting products and providing visualization to the color selections that are selected and ultimately installed at your property. We understand the importance of property continuity and have unique approach to mapping color schemes that align with the area of the property and intentions of the design for your property.

Color Mapping

Whether you are looking to map the existing color mapping at your property or design a new color scheme by location we can assist. Our team will provide detailed color mapping plans for your review and revise according to your preferences. We have an experienced design team that will work closely with your existing design team or provide these services directly and ultimately save you design costs for your next project.

On Site Color Mockups

West Coatings performs on site color mockups to ensure you have the correct color schemes selected. We are able to save product and labor material to have these products installed early on the conceptual planning phase by selected options that have been digitally viewed and approved. Once we have the selected color schemes our team will schedule a time to perform on-site color mockups to be approved prior to starting your project.

Project Lifecycle

Once a contract is approved, our team begins working immediately on the pre-project planning efforts. We have organized our project milestones in a manner that produces efficiently, moves quickly and seeks to minimize project impact on your management team and tenants.

Pre-Project Planning

We are only as good as the products we are utilizing and the way we install these materials. Our company only works with reputable product manufacturers and regularly review our material costs to leverage the best pricing we can to extend these savings back to our clients.

Understanding the product assemblies, variations and installation techniques is important to our company. In our industry we've sought to minimize the variation of product installation and we purchase the materials that we specify in our estimates to ensure the correct products are installed.

Project Milestones & Updates

All project milestones, meetings and weekly update tracking is assembled in our company ERP software to ensure an integrated approach where all project stakeholders will be updated throughout the project lifecycle. We organize our efforts in a manner where your team understands where we are at in the process and updated in a similar approach for all projects.

We provide live photo links in our weekly reporting that allows you to track our progress and our team to make adjustments as needed to the production scheduling. Our team facilitates weekly site meetings, inspections, coordination with the site team and works closely with your staff to ensure the project can maintain a production schedule that you can count on.

Project Inspections & Approvals

Our punch-walk and inspection process has been designed to reduce burden on your site team. The West Coatings project management team is proficient in our multi-inspection process and we work closely with our installation teams to ensure product continuity, completion and integrity of our work. Ultimately we are seeking to turn over a project that minimizes additional trips and hassle once our work is completed, our team is organized an a manner that allows us to properly oversee your project and provide a high-quality service that will earn the opportunity to work on your next project.

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Let's discuss your next project.