Salt Lake City

The Essex Apartments

Exterior Painting - Hardie Panel & Metal Painting

The Essex Apartments
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Salt Lake City
Surface Area
183000 sqft
Exterior Painting

The Initial Design

Studio10 provided many design sets for the client to review to ensure the correct scheme aligned with the marketing goals of the client. Our team assisted with ensuring the paint locations were properly identified and coordinated with the client.

  • 6-tone color scheme matching the updated look of the property
  • Accent painting that resembled the logo design
  • Multi-Side color variations to the complement the Architectual features of the building
  • Natural line break coordination to ensure color continuity

The Product

The elements in Salt Lake City can be harsh and it is imperative the correct products were installed to ensure longevity of the coatings system. Many factors were considered:

  • Appropriate initial substrate preparation and cleaning to ensure proper adhesion of paint systems
  • Hardie panel repairs and Coatings that would allow for freeze-thaw conditions
  • Appropriate metal substrate coatings, recommended by Sherwin and installed to mfg. specifications
  • Stucco substrate unevenness with additional coatings applied to mitigate flashing

The Project

Due to the height and location of the building our team prepared accordingly to ensure our safety and logistics were planned in detail to include:

  • Swing stage planning and move mapping
  • Equipment positioning and storage locations
  • Safety assurance and oversight of the equipment operators and painting crews
  • Weather tracking to ensure safety and product assurance
  • Phase planning and coordination with our team on a weekly basis
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